Fidlock Key Chain Set


A new addition to our key chain offering, our Fidlock Key Chain adds new functionality and carry options. Fidlock® magnetic hardware allows for quick detachment of keys or accessories without the hassle removing your entire key chain.

Choose from the Gated D-Ring, Snap, and Clip, depending how you want to mount your keys and/or accessories.

Each Fidlock Key Chain is constructed out of mil-spec nylon webbing and manufactured in USA. Lifetime Guarantee.

This set comes with 1 Female Mount and a Mini Key Ring Male Attachment.

To purchase a Female End individually, click here.

To purchase our other Male End attachments (ID Card, Apple Watch, and Airpod), click here.

Gated D-Ring

  • Stainless steel hardware with matte black finish
  • Recommended applications: D-ring or any open webbing loop


  • Our special snap back system allows the Key Chain to be mounted on both 1.5" and 2" wide webbing straps
  • Recommended applications: shoulder straps, D-ring of Quick Release Shoulder Straps


  • 1.5" durable plastic belt clip hardware
  • Recommend applications: V-Buckle Belt, 1.5" shoulder straps

Closed Loop (1.5" & 2")

  • Durable plastic loop with locking mechanism, more secure carry option
  • Recommended applications: shoulder straps, V-Buckle Belt


  • Stainless steel hardware with secure spring closure
  • Recommended applications: D-ring, belt loops

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