Info - DSPTCH Operator Program

DSPTCH began with a simple premise: make great gear for the people that need it most. Our goal is to make products so useful that you never have to think about getting another one again.

With that being said, we're always flattered when people are proud to use our products out in the field and represent for our company. We're excited to announce our "Operator" program which gives you the opportunity to receive gear from us just for doing great work.

Here's how it works:

  1. Submit your application by emailing us including links to your work and your Instagram account (so that we know it's you).
  2. We'll review your submission and reach out if you are a good fit for a program.
  3. We'll send a care package over with some gear to begin putting into use. You can stop here if you like or....
  4. If you'd like more gear, send us some photos of the gear in action. From then, we'll do another round of review and send out better gear as you progress.

We will have special colorways and exclusive product that is available only to members of our "Operator" program. No upkeep other than that, once you're in, you're in.

That's it. No strings attached. If anything, our hope is that this results in a working relationship where you can be hired for our photo or video work.