Info - Where it All Started

In 2010, we launched our first product right out of our apartment: a durable camera strap for today’s photographer. We felt that there was a need for a new option that was heavy duty yet minimal and unbranded, allowing you to blend in while being able to carry a camera inconspicuously.

(Above) The first DSPTCH product: the Standard Sling Strap

The positive reaction to our camera sling straps helped expand our product line into accessories, cases, and ultimately, bags. It was our penchant for using rugged materials and the benchmark for quality goods dictated by the “MIL-SPEC” standard that helped hone in on our overall vision for the brand: to build well-constructed, well-designed, purpose-driven products.

With our continued support from our customers, what began as a passion project with a couple of camera straps grew into a much wider selection of bags and accessories and eventually collaborations with brands such as Google, Reigning Champ, Leica, and 3sixteen, just to name a few.

(Above) DSPTCH offices from 2010 to 2016. Starting from an apartment, our main office and warehouse is currently located in South San Francisco.

We initially dabbled in the idea of retail with a small storefront at our Dogpatch, San Francisco office, but then in 2015 we dove head first into our first standalone retail store in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Located on Valencia St., the store gave us the opportunity to let our customers get a feel for our entire product line firsthand, an experience we felt to be important as a webpage can only tell one part of the story. Two years later, we ventured east to open in New York and then across the Pacific to open our first international store in Tokyo, Japan.

Today, our main focus at DSPTCH and core tenets remain the same.

Design products to last a lifetime.

We take great care in the construction of our products. If there is a fault in the product, we will explore every option to repair and if it’s beyond repair, we will replace.

Fewer but better.

Invest in quality, not disposability. Product education is key. Do the research and then spend your money on goods that will last. 

Durability is first, functionality a close second.

Our aim is to design products to perform and last and we’ll continue to evolve and explore new ideas to enhance your carrying experience and to better protect your gear.

Lastly, we believe that our company cannot exist without a firm belief in our responsibilities as a company to our employees, customers, environment, and most importantly, our community.