Dyneema RND Collection

December 19, 2018

San Francisco DSPTCH annouces a range of bags constricted out of Dyneema, a versatile performance fabric commonly used in industrial applications due to its exceptionally high-strength properties. The capsule will consist of three bags: the Unit Sling Pouch, Unit Musette, and the Unit Zipper Tote. Each of these ags take more minimal approach in their design while Dyneema's Composite Fabric allows for lightweight, weatherproof construction as well as also being incredibly durable and abrasion resistant. Dyneema's Composite Fabric is considered to be 15 times stronger than steel.

This collection is the first under a new sub-label for DSPTCH under the moniker of "RND" or "Research and Development." This new label represents innovative and experimental product developed by the DSPTCH design team with the intent to push the boundaries and exceptions from our industry landscape.