Adjusting the Length of a Sling Strap

Here is a quick tutorial on how to adjust the length of your Standard or Heavy Sling Strap.

1. Move the adjustable slide (the one located in the middle of the strap) towards (to shorten) or away (to lengthen) from the sewn label.


2. Once you've adjusted it to your liking, pull the slack completely through the adjacent end slide. This can be a bit tricky when you're increasing the length as the webbing on the bottom of the strap will need to be pulled to make space.


3. After you've pulled the webbing through, pull on the D-ring to bring the rest of the slack to through the slide.



4. Once the slack has been completely pulled through, slide the end slide all the way down until it is flush with the D-ring. This will prevent the D-ring from turning sideways when the strap is in use.


5. Make sure to do the same on the other side as well so both D-rings are stabilized


There you have it, hopefully this answers any questions you may have had about adjusting the length of your sling. You can always email us if you have any other questions/concerns.