Press Release - MacBook and iPad Case Collection

Our new line of MacBook and iPad cases are built for minimalists with a focus on durability and functionality. Made with ballistic mesh and lined with nylon pack cloth, our cases are designed for urban commuters requiring products that can not only endure the rigors of daily use, but also include features that ease those routines.

Each case includes an integrated cord management system as well as an elastic pocket on the front that allows users to store their daily carry essentials including chargers, sync cables, headphones, etc. The cases are padded for protection, whether being stored within another bag or used as a standalone item. Like the rest of our products, our cases are also all made in the USA.

For the iPad, we've made a Regular size (for 2nd-4th generation iPads) as well as a Mini size. Retail is $42.00

For MacBooks, we've made an 11" (MacBook Air), 13" (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with Retina display), and 15" (MacBook Pro with Retina Display) variation. Retail is $60.00

You can find all of the new cases here:


We've also included a link to press-ready images here: